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Our Mission

I-ATEA: Uniting Passion and Innovation in Esports. Our mission is to serve as the premier platform where competition ignites, communities thrive, and partners collaborate. We are dedicated to providing a single, vibrant destination for esports leagues, fostering a dynamic environment where gamers and fans across Aotearoa can engage, compete, and grow together.

Our History

From the first whistle in 2019 to the present, our high school league has been at the epicenter of youth esports, accruing a staggering tally of over 2400 matches. These numbers are not just a count; they represent years of strategic plays, teamwork triumphs, and the indomitable spirit of young competitors across Aotearoa. We have witnessed the emergence of gaming prodigies, the forging of lasting rivalries, and the celebration of sportsmanship and digital dexterity. Our journey is measured not only in time but in the experiences crafted, the communities built, and the champions crowned, all within the pulsating arena of high school esports

Years of Experience


Matches Played

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How to Join Our Leagues

Step 1:

Choose Your League

Explore Our Leagues: Begin by exploring the unique aspects of each league:

  • NKAI – for Ngā Kura a Iwi registered Kura.
  • PIES League – for Primary and Intermediate schools.
  • HSESL – for Secondary Schools. 

Each league is tailored to fit the specific age group and competitive level, ensuring a suitable and engaging experience for all participants.

Step 2:

Register Your School's Interest

School-Based Registration: Registration for our leagues is conducted on a school basis. This streamlined process allows schools to enter multiple teams across various titles without individual team registrations.

Submit Your Interest: To register, fill out the EOI  form on our website with your school’s details, including which league(s) you’re interested in joining. Provide information on potential teams and preferred titles to help us better understand your needs and interests.

Step 3:

Verification and Confirmation

I-Atea Verification: Once your interest form is submitted, our team at I-Atea will verify your school’s details, including eligibility, the number of teams, and league selection. This process ensures a fair and organised competition structure for all involved.

Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on finalising your school’s registration, including any additional information required to complete the process.

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Membership and Benefits

Flat Fee Membership: Our membership pricing is structured on a per-school basis, offering a flat fee that covers participation in any league and for any number of teams. This approach ensures cost-effectiveness and simplicity for schools looking to engage in esports across multiple titles.

Unlock Resources and Opportunities: 

When you join I-Atea, you’re investing in a membership that extends far beyond entry into premier tournaments. Our members are granted exclusive access to a rich array of resources and opportunities designed to support and enhance the esports ecosystem within your educational environment. Membership includes, but is not limited to:

  • 10-Week Esports Lesson Plans: Structured, comprehensive lesson plans that span 10 weeks, providing a deep dive into the world of esports education.
  • Broadcasting and Casting Course: A specialised course aimed at developing skills in esports broadcasting and casting, essential for those interested in the media side of esports.
  • Access to Coaches: Opportunity to hire experienced esports coaches to guide your teams, improve player skills, and foster a competitive edge.
  • Teacher Materials and Evaluations for Esports: Tailored materials and evaluation tools designed to integrate esports seamlessly into the educational framework, supporting teachers in leveraging gaming for learning outcomes.
  • Introduction to Professional Learning and Development (PLD): Gain access to introductory PLD sessions that focus on the integration of esports within the academic curriculum, enhancing educational engagement and outcomes.
  • Support Discord Server Access: Become part of our growing community on Discord, a platform for support, collaboration, and sharing best practices among educators, students, and esports enthusiasts.

Investing in an I-Atea membership not only opens the door to engaging in competitive play but also ensures your institution benefits from our commitment to supporting the scholastic development of esports. Join us in pioneering the integration of gaming and education, and let us help you unlock the full potential of your students and educators in the exciting world of scholastic esports.

Ready to Join?

Get Started: If you're ready to dive into the world of school esports with Iatea, visit our registration page now and begin the journey. We're excited to welcome you to our community and to see the incredible talent and teamwork your school will bring to the leagues. For any questions or further assistance, please contact our support team through the website